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Nepali Date System


Nepali date is 56 years ahead of the Gregorian Calendar (English Calendar).


The most used nepali date system is Bikram Sambat.


YYYY-MM-DD is official date format for the Bikram Sambat. 


Nepali date based in the Lunar Calendar.


Newari people use Nepal Sambat, which is 937 years behind BS.


 Buddhist calendar is 487 years ahead of BS.


In Nepal, calendar dates are very important for rituals.


Roughly corresponding Gregorian months are given below:



बैशाख April – May

जेठ May – June

असार June – July

श्रावण July – August

भदौ August – September

आश्विन September – October

कार्तिक October – November

मंसिर November – December

पुष December – January

माघ January – February

फाल्गुन February – March

चैत्र March – April


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