Saving and Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in Nepali Banks and Financial Institutions

Oct. 6, 2023, 5:06 a.m.

Are you wondering where to park your hard-earned money in Nepal to earn interest for you? We have just the thing that can help you make an informed decision - a comprehensive table containing the latest interest rates offered by Nepali banks and financial institutions. 

Follow this link to view the table.


Why Interest Rates Matter

Interest rates play a pivotal role in the world of finance. They are the return you earn on your savings or investments. They can significantly impact your financial goals. A higher interest rate can help your money grow faster, while a lower one may nneed to be avoided.


Navigating the Table

Our table is designed with simplicity in mind. You'll find it easy to use, as the data is sorted from highest to lowest interest rates. This means that the institutions offering the most attractive returns will be right at the top, making your decision-making process straightforward.

You can also change what column the data is sorted by just clicking on the column title.


More Than Just Numbers

While interest rates are important, it's essential to consider other factors as well. Evaluate the reputation of the financial institution, the terms and conditions, and any additional perks they might offer, such as online banking services or customer support. A bank with stellar customer service can make your banking experience a whole lot smoother.

Sometimes its better to accept a lower interest rate if the bank providing highest interest rate is fishy. So, you need to be careful about those factors as well.


Stay Informed, Make Smart Choices

Generally, Interest rates in Nepal update every first day of Nepali month. Our website does best to update that timely.


Happy saving!