Content for Nepali Founders

Jan. 15, 2024, 1:14 p.m.


If you are a nepali founder and want to learn about the other nepali founders and startup environment in Nepal, I have compiled a list of content that I view to be of the best quality. 


  1. Raushan Jaiswal Youtube Podcast
    It has insightful podcasts on some of the most successful and interesting Nepali founders such as Yarsa games’ founder Nj Subedi, Programmiz’s cofounder Punit Jajodia, Foodmandu’s cofounder Manohar Adhikari and other amazing guests. I am not sure if such a high quality podcasting can be maintained for niche founder audience, but whatever there are, are excellent in quality so far. 
  2. The HRM Nepal
    Although mostly focused on corporate world, it can be quite insightful to read it occasionally. For their true target audience of Corporatists though, it seems like an excellent magazine. 
  3. Startups Nepal
    This one seems to have been discontinued, but whatever content it has from the past is of excellent quality. 
  4. Idea Studio Nepal
    These guys are investors. 
  5. ICT Award
    The give awards to top achievers in ICT field, mostly entrepreneurs. Check out their content on YouTube as well. 
  6. NYEF Startup Awards
    They award startup founders. Check out their content on other sites as well.
  7. Nepal's Startup Ecosystem: A Decade of High Hopes and Missed Opportunities - Khatapana
    Check out that excellent article by Khatapana. Its worth it.  
  8.  Startups - Founder - Investor - Nepal Government 
    Popular nepali business, power, politics Youtube channel called Thaha published this video on startups.